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Let the Fire Burn

Words from Axel, Number VIII

17 December
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[This is not a real journal, but a role-playing journal for dusk_academy. For the real journal of Axel's player, check out celes_fire.]

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Name: Axel
Age: 21
Birthdate: December 17
House: Bahamut
Year: Third Year
Room Assignment: Giga Flare
Roommates: Abel [0], Terra [moombas], and Hughes [papa_hughes]
Weapons: Chakrum
Elements: Fire and Darkness

Axel is a pyromaniac and pervert at times. His best friend is Roxas and he can normally be found with the blond. He uses two weapons known as Chakrams.

Being number eight in the Organization, he tends to go against his superiors orders. He’s very cocky and doesn’t take things very serious, but he will do anything when it comes to his friends, especially Roxas. His feelings towards Roxas, though, are slowly turning more from friend to something more complicated.

Physical Appearance:
Axel stands at an average male height, yet lean, with spiky red hair, and clear green eyes. Under each eye he has a black marking that resembles an upside down tear drop. Like the other members of Organization XIII, he wears a long, black, hooded robe, accented in silver, decorative beading and a large, partially zipped up silver zipper. He is usually seen with a cocky smile stretched across his face, or a mischievous glint in his eyes.

Other than his school uniform or the black robes of Organization XIII, he enjoys wearing comfortable clothing of black leather pants or jeans, and whatever shirt he tends to find clean, or less charred than the rest. His favorite ensemble, though, is his black leather pants, a white button up shirt, and his basic sneakers in fire-streak design.

Like his element of choice, Axel's personality resembles that of fire. Going from one extreme to the other, with a quick, sarcastic wit, it is sometimes hard to tell when he's only jesting, or actually being serious. The only one he truly acts himself around in the Organization XIII is his closest friend, Roxas. Otherwise, beware his evil pranks.

Axel was born to a poor family on the streets of Twilight Town. At a very young age, he was orphaned when his father died in an accident, and his mother fell ill. It's said his mother gave up the will to live after her beloved died. Learning to survive with no parents, he found himself in a group home, almost like an orphanage, that gave him shelter and food. He found everything else he needed using a five fingered discount.

Wandering about from city to city, he kept finding himself in Traverse Town, drawn to a younger boy by the name of Roxas, who later became his best friend. It was from meeting Roxas that gave Axel the ability to go on, after so many hardships.

When Axel had started to realize his feelings for Roxas were beginning to ebb towards something more than friendship, he decided to separate himself from his younger friend. It was a scholarship to Dusk Academy that gave him a chance to run away from his strange, new feelings.

While in Dusk Academy, Axel made many a different friends. Well, more acquaintances, then friends, and helped establish a club of sorts called The Organization, or Organization XIII. He found himself as number VIII in the club's ranking. Not being an impressive number, he found himself quite comfortable at the freedom it gave him.

Two years passed, and at the beginning of his third year, it was a shock to hear both Roxas and his twin brother, Ven would be attending Dusk Academy. Not wanting to leave unspoken feelings for Roxas the way they were, he finds himself struggling between his new found emotions. After all, Nobodies don't have hearts, so how can they feel?

Outside of Organization XIII, Axel's only friend is a vampire by the name of Ichijou. Unfortunately for both parties, Axel has no idea Ichijou is a vampire. This can be sometimes comical, or just down right sad and pathetic (on Axel's part). On occasion, the pyromaniac has a habit of scaring the living death out of his "younger" friend. It seems vampires don't like fire much. It was half a delight, and horror, to find out that Roxas and Ven were going to room with his night-loving friend.

Choice of Pet:
Axel has chosen to take a small fire salamander as a pet. He has named it Exirf. (Anagram of Fire)

Class Schedule:
01. Calculus III
02. Political History
03. Elemental [Fire] ~ level 5
04. Elemental [Darkness] ~ level 4
05. P.E./Sex Ed.

Period Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
1st Gym/Sex Ed. Gym/Sex Ed. Gym/Sex Ed. Gym/Sex Ed. Gym/Sex Ed.
2nd Calculus III Free Calculus III Free Calculus III
3rd Political History Political History Polititical History
4th Free
5th Free Elem: Dark Free Elem: Dark Free
6th Free
7th Elem: Fire Free Elem: Fire

Members of Organization XIII
I. Xemnas ~ naught_one
II. Xigbar ~
III. Xaldin ~
IV. Vexen ~
V. Lexaeus ~
VI. Zexion ~ reserved
VII. Saix ~ reserved
VIII. Axel ~ redhotaxelviii
IX. Demyx ~ reserved
X. Luxord ~
XI. Marluxia ~ showbound
XII. Larxene ~
XIII. Roxas ~ foxroxas

Organization XIII @ dusk_academy

A role-playing journal of redhotaxelviii for dusk_academy.

Axel Image @ Elf-Art.net

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